Reflexation Therapy is open again, offering face to face physical therapy treatments from our Falmouth clinic and mind-body fitness sessions via Zoom. We are adhering to COVID-19/SARS CoV-2 guidelines for safe and professional practice in accordance with the FHT (Federation for Holistic Therapists) and the ISRM (Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists previously Institute of Sports & Remedial Massage).

Physical Therapy treatments include Reflexology, Soft Tissue Therapy, Sports & Remedial Massage, Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy Massage (including the option to order Essential Oils Blends for collection or delivery).

Mind-Body Fitness with Reflexation Therapy completes the picture as we aim for ongoing health and well-being. Explore relaxing Mindful Stretching, fun Face Fitness or inspiring Mind-Body Coaching sessions, all currently via Zoom.

Wishing you peace and wellness of mind and body, one day at a time. As Banksy says on the London Underground, “I get lockdown. But I get up again.”


Reflexation Therapy uses a range of specialised techniques and an holistic approach inspired and informed by scientific understanding of manual physical therapy, reflex therapy and mind-body biology. Physical Therapy and Mind-Body Fitness is tailored to you by Chloë Cyrus-Kent PhD, a scientist, physical therapist and NLP coach who appreciates the vital link between the mind and body. Reflexation Therapy aims to enhance your physical and mental well-being so that you can be fit, be well and be you.