Come on in… we are here for you

Reflexation is here to help you shake off aches and pains, move better and find relief from stress and the many problems that can come with too much of it! We believe in your capacity to heal, and to help your mind and body feel more free and more you, we offer a range of BodyWork treatments and Yoga sessions. Reflexation‘s ethos and offerings are the result of many (many many…) years of academic study and high levels of training in physical therapy and yoga, with world leaders in their fields.

What do we offer?

Reflexation BodyWork treatments include ReflexologySoft Tissue TherapySports & Remedial MassageSwedish Massage and Aromatherapy Massage (with uniquely tailored Essential Oil blends) . Reflexation Yoga sessions are slow and mindful, supporting your mind-body health and well-being. You can join us for Mind-Body Flow, focusing on mobility, movement and relaxation; or Release & Restore, a deep dive into releasing deep tissues and dropping into deep, healing rest. 

You’re in safe and qualified hands

BodyWork and Yoga is tailored to you by Chloë Cyrus-Kent PhD, Life and Earth scientist, physical therapist and yoga teacher who understands and appreciates the vital link between mind and body on a deep level.

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Reflexation BodyWork is a blend of specialised physical therapy techniques in an holistic approach inspired and informed by scientific understanding of manual physical therapy, reflex therapy and mind-body biology. 

As a Professional Member of the FHT (Federation for Holistic Therapists), Chloë adheres to strict guidelines for safe and professional practice, so you can simply relax and focus on receiving the benefits of your chosen bodywork treatment or tailored yoga practice.

Reflexation is here to help enhance your physical and mental well-being, so that you can be fit, be well and be you! Get in touch today to book a treatment or yoga session.