Gift Vouchers for Therapy Treatments

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Over the summer I had some fun designing gift vouchers for Reflexation Therapy treatments. They’ve been printed wonderfully thanks to Octopus Printing Falmouth and are packaged up specially to present as beautiful gifts to your loved ones.

Whether it’s birthday, Christmas or a treat out of the blue, a gift voucher for a massage or reflexology treatment of your choice could be just the thing. You can even drop unsubtle hints to friends and family if you’d like one yourself!

Honouring your gift of giving, I will give 20% of the price of any gift vouchers to The Journey of a Lifetime Trust (JoLT), a small charity dedicated to expanding the horizons and enriching the lives of disabled, ill, neglected and abused young people.

JoLTtrustReach me through my Contact page if you’d like to get your hands on one of these vouchers. A uniquely rejuvenating gift that is good for everyone.

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