World Reflexology Week 2019

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In honour of World Reflexology Week, here is a bit of back story about what reflexology is and why I love it! You can read about the benefits of reflexology and more by visiting my Reflexology page.

What is Reflexology?

foot_reflex_mapReflexology is a therapeutic technique of balancing the body so that it is stimulated to heal itself. Reflexology depends on the holistic idea of restoring a balance of nerve energy or flow throughout the body by working on reflexes, areas on the feet or hands that are thought to correspond to, connect with or ‘reflect’ each part of the body. Skilled treatment of reflexes  is thought to stimulate natural healing and release blocked nerve pathways or even blocked emotions. This process allows waste to be released and promotes deep relaxation and improved physical and mental well-being, often including targeted pain relief and emotional release.

My reflexology story 

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some extraordinary reflexologists and to have experienced the benefits of reflexology myself, as well as giving reflexology to others. It is always a joy to see clients experiencing improvements in physical or mental health and time and again reflex therapy seems to have a key role in this process.

anemone_hybridaThe value of reflexology to mind-and-body health is something I’ve experienced myself. During my PhD years I struggled with some grim post-viral lows and more than 5 years of CFS/ME. Reflexology treatments were one of the first things that really helped lift my mind and body and gave me a sense of momentum and belief in my recovery. Years later reflexology helped once again to re-establish my health and sense of self as I had been struggling to process some relationship grief and a series of crushing bereavements. These days it is my privilege to work with courageous and extraordinary clients who connect with reflexology as a way to help process grief, trauma, depression and chronic stress related conditions.

My earliest convictions about reflexology as a means of achieving pain relief comes from a place close to my heart. My little brother (a force unto himself) had a serious accident on his motorbike in 2010, leaving him with collapsed lungs, spine broken in five places and multiple injuries to his arms and legs. In neuro-intensive care, and in the weeks that followed, I would massage his feet; one of the few parts of his body that could tolerate touch. I worked instinctively as I wasn’t properly trained in reflex therapy back then and it was remarkable to see his pain fade away during these treatments. He would switch off his morphine and be sleepy and restful for hours afterwards. His recovery was extraordinary. Seeing him stand up on his own after only two weeks was a deeply moving moment for me. Since then a number of clients I’ve worked with in clinic have kept me thinking big about reflexology and pain; it seems that a combined reflex therapy – physical therapy approach has the potential to resolve structural and pain issues that have niggled or even tormented for years.

I’m looking forward to training with Carol Samuels of Reflex Master in October, learning more about applying nerve reflex therapy to complex pain. I love to offer a combined approach, fusing reflexology with soft tissue therapy, but I know that even on its own reflexology is an extraordinary therapy that my clients enjoy and benefit from. If you’d like to learn more about reflexology with Reflexation Therapy do have a look at my Reflexology page or get in touch!

Wishing us all a happy World Reflexology Week. Celebrate with £5 off all Reflexology treatments booked this week!

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