Reflexation Yoga fundraising for Ukraine in March and April

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For March and April Reflexation Yoga is channelling its efforts into getting out there and fundraising for Ukraine! Inspired by peace and believing in healing, all are invited to come together on the mat to breathe, move and restore. At this time of great sadness and strife for the people of Ukraine, Russia and our wider world, let’s make a little difference!

We are supporting ShelterBox in the UK and Voices of Children, a Ukrainian charity helping children affected by war since 2015.

Observing war so starkly, I’ve been reminded once more of the daily conflicts and resistances in my own small world, inner and outer. Maybe you’ve noticed the same? Moments where we might communicate better, taking time to listen and understand more deeply, or nurturing the courage to speak up in an honest voice. Times where we could be kinder to ourselves, or those around us, building up instead of knocking down? Maybe. It is not always easy to stand up for ourselves, or even for peace, without knocking others down, in our hearts, minds or lives. And when we fall, who or what picks us up again?

At Reflexation Yoga we practice as we are, seeking to create calm, solidity, space and ease. Come join us, just as you are. All are welcome! Contact Chloë for info on how to donate and access our Zoom room.

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