Face Fitness via Zoom

Join me on Wednesdays at 5.30pm via Zoom, for a fun and revitalising Face Fitness session!

Face Fitness sessions begin and end with whole body stretching, focusing on all the myofasical lines of the body to help you shake off tension from all your hotspots. Our Face Fitness time is a series of fun and gentle resistance exercises for amazing muscles and connective tissue layers of your face, from the forehead to the eyes, cheeks, lips and neck. 

Face Fitness is a great way to reconnect with your sense of humour, lift your spirits and bring your face, and the rest of you, back to life. 

Simply get in touch to pick up your Zoom access code and come join in on Wednesdays at 5.30pm UK time.

Face Fitness is FREE throughout the period of the coronavirus lockdown. Small and very optional donations are welcome via BACS, iZettle payment link or PayPal (details on request).

A new offering from Reflexation Therapy: Mind-Body Coaching

In line with covid-19 social distancing regulations, Reflexation Therapy is not offering physical therapy treatments (soft tissue therapy or reflexology) until further notice. However, Reflexation Therapy is very pleased to be offering  mind-body coaching sessions via Zoom, focusing on:pier_sunshine_v2

  • Myofascial release
  • Facilitatated stretching
  • Mindful stretching
  • Reflexology self-treatment techniques 
  • Soft tissue self-treatment techniques
  • NLP coaching 

Mind-body coaching allows us to work together dynamically and creatively in real time, focusing on your connective tissue, neuromuscular system and reflexes to release tension and stress. Sessions are a tailored mixture of guided stretching, coaching and training in exercises and self-treatment techniques for neuromuscular rebalancing and restoration.

Mind-body coaching sessions aim to be informative, enjoyable and effective at addressing a range of physical and mental health issues, from injuries and chronic pain to depression and anxiety.

Please contact me on 07780 665 404 or chloe@reflexationtherapy.co.uk to discuss your needs and coaching goals. I look forward to tailoring an online programme just for you, and working together to make life a little easier at this arresting time in human history.

Pricing: While social distancing is being observed, mind-body coaching sessions via Zoom will be fixed at only £20. If your finances have become gravely challenging due to covid-19 please let me know and we will find a way through.

An invitation to Mindful Stretching

mindful_stretching_reflexation_v2Inspired by the demands of our socially distanced life, Reflexation Therapy is delighted to be offering new mindful stretching sessions via Zoom!

Take some time out to relax and restore mind and body with a series of balanced and deeply effective fascial release stretches. Open to all abilities and states of bendiness!

Simply get in touch to pick up your Zoom access code and come join in on:

  • Mondays at 08:30
  • Wednesdays at 14:00
  • Saturdays at 17:00

Mindful stretching is FREE throughout the social distancing period while we work together to slow down the coronavirus, but small and very optional donations are welcome via BACS or iZettle payment link (details on request).

Looking forward to working together soon.

The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey

is the step that you are taking at this moment.

– Eckhart Tolle

Reflexation Therapy Covid-19 Update


In line with social distancing regulations, Reflexation Therapy is not offering manual therapy treatments until further notice. I am sorry that I cannot work with you in person for the time being, but I’m very pleased to have developed online offerings that aim to help you look after your physical and mental health, effectively resolving aches, pains, anxiety and stress. Moving Reflexation Therapy online is an evolving work in progress: feel free to contact me to suggest ideas other than those given below!

Reflexation Therapy is offering mindful stretching sessions and mind-body coaching sessions via Zoom. Mindful stretching is open to all every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (more details here), while mind-body coaching is an opportunity to take time just for you, with a focus on relieving aches, pains and stress using a creative blend of:

  • Myofascial release
  • Facilitated stretching
  • Reflexology self-treatment techniques
  • Soft tissue self-treatment techniques
  • NLP coaching

Please contact me on 07780 665 404 or chloe@reflexationtherapy.co.uk to discuss your current needs, coaching goals or get your Zoom room key for some mindful stretching time! I look forward to working together to make life a little easier at this arresting time in human history.

A note on pricing: While social distancing is being observed, mindful stretching is free (small donations welcome) and online mind-body coaching sessions will be fixed at £20. If your finances have become gravely challenging due to covid-19 please let me know and we will find a way through.

Wishing you peace and wellness of mind and body, one day at a time.

Still here for you,



New Year, Same You? New Year, Be You

A new decade starts today. Sounds momentous but actually… it’s just another day. And yet, this first day of 2020 is still a stark moment to reflect on the last year (or ten years!) and regroup before the festive season fades and we move onwards.

circus_chloeYoga practice in the last few days has reminded me to reflect on the good stuff as well as the less good stuff from the last year, to be open to learning from both rather than ignoring one half of life. It’s tempting to focus on either the grim or the highlights but there’s a gentleness in allowing our life to be as it really is, rather than as we want it to be. Only then, perhaps, can we see clearly (2020 vision?) what would serve us best to let go of or to embrace more closely as we move into the future.

As the Reflexation Therapy tag line has it, how are you going to “Be Fit, Be Well, Be You” in the year ahead? Will you be the Same You you’ve always been, for better or for worse, or will you be… some kind of New You? There’s a balance to be found when answering this one: grounding in a sense of self-acceptance and ‘enough-ness’ whilst also honestly admitting to where you could do with a little (or a lot) of self-love, growth and change, breaking through old patterns and moving forwards with your life.

godrevy_Dec28Wherever you are at on your “Be Fit, Be Well, Be You” journey, Reflexation Therapy is here to support you. If you’ve been putting rocks on your own path and you’d like help clearing them away (and avoiding the temptation to put them back as soon as you turn the next corner), then feel free to get in touch! Whether you want to resolve physical or emotional pain or stuckness, reflexology and soft tissue therapy (with a dash of NLP coaching where appropriate) are brilliant ways to help move you towards greater fitness and wellness of mind and body.

To celebrate the new year Reflexation Therapy is offering £5 off 1 hour soft tissue therapy and reflexology treatments until the end of February 2020! Making it even easier to treat yourself to a little added fitness, wellness and you-ness. We have a range of gift vouchers as well, if a loved one would benefit from some Reflexation Therapy time too.

Happy and honoured to be here for you in the year ahead. Can’t wait to see all the unique ways you’ll find to Be Fit, Be Well and Be You!


P.S. Sorry about the ‘clear vision’ 20:20 joke. As contact lens wearer, it was unavoidable.