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Face Fitness via Zoom

Join me on Wednesdays at 5.30pm via Zoom, for a fun and revitalising Face Fitness session! Face Fitness sessions begin and end with whole body stretching, focusing on all the myofasical lines of the body to help you shake off tension from all your… Continue Reading “Face Fitness via Zoom”

A new offering from Reflexation Therapy: Mind-Body Coaching

In line with covid-19 social distancing regulations, Reflexation Therapy is not offering physical therapy treatments (soft tissue therapy or reflexology) until further notice. However, Reflexation Therapy is very pleased to be offering  mind-body coaching sessions via Zoom, focusing on: Myofascial release Facilitatated stretching Mindful stretching Reflexology self-treatment techniques … Continue Reading “A new offering from Reflexation Therapy: Mind-Body Coaching”

An invitation to Mindful Stretching

Inspired by the demands of our socially distanced life, Reflexation Therapy is delighted to be offering new mindful stretching sessions via Zoom! Take some time out to relax and restore mind and body with a series of balanced and deeply effective fascial release stretches. Open to all abilities and states of bendiness!… Continue Reading “An invitation to Mindful Stretching”

Reflexation Therapy Covid-19 Update

In line with social distancing regulations, Reflexation Therapy is not offering manual therapy treatments until further notice. I am sorry that I cannot work with you in person for the time being, but I’m very pleased to have developed online offerings that aim to… Continue Reading “Reflexation Therapy Covid-19 Update”

New Year, Same You? New Year, Be You

A new decade starts today. Sounds momentous but actually… it’s just another day. And yet, this first day of 2020 is still a stark moment to reflect on the last year (or ten years!) and regroup before the festive season fades and we move… Continue Reading “New Year, Same You? New Year, Be You”