Before your appointment

I am pleased to offer face to face appointments to those who are not self-isolating due to virus infection or being in a high risk group. Please contact me to make a booking and before confirming your appointment, I will ensure that it is appropriate for you to receive face to face treatment at this time. If necessary we may agree on a socially distanced interim arrangement such as an online or outdoor appointment, Mindful Stretching sessions via Zoom, or referral to another therapist or service provider.

As part of your booking I will get in touch with you on the afternoon before or morning of your treatment. This contact is an essential part of your access to treatment at this time, as I will:

  1. Confirm that you are fit to come for treatment, eliminating SARS CoV-2/COVID-19 risk factors
  2. Discuss any change in your presenting issue, so that we can minimise time in consultation face to face

To confirm that you are fit for treatment you MUST be able to answer ‘no’ to ALL of these questions:

  • Do you have any SARS/flu/cold-like symptoms (fever, sore throat, fatigue, dizziness etc.), even if mild?
  • Have you had any SARS/flu/cold-like symptoms in the last 14 days?
  • Has anyone in your home (or with whom you interact closely), had any SARS/flu/cold-like symptoms during the last 14 days?
  • Are you in any of the COVID-19 high risk or high vulnerability groups (history of respiratory disease, serious autoimmune disease, awaiting surgery, pregnant, over the age of 70)?

If you answer ‘no’ to ALL the above questions, I will confirm your appointment at my Falmouth therapy clinic and look forward to seeing you there. If you answer ‘yes’ to ANY of these questions I will not be able to treat you for now, but will discuss working with you after an appropriate time frame (e.g. after 14 days have passed since any symptoms appeared).

Please note: If SARS CoV-2 infection rates increase in Cornwall I will limit my practice and (until rates start to fall again) prioritise urgent clients whose mental or physical health is significantly affecting their quality of life and/or impacting their ability to work.

At your appointment

I will greet you wearing a face visor and when we enter the clinic I will put on a face mask and re-sanitise my hands. Please bring a face mask for yourself; if you forget I will supply one from a range of sizes.

On entry to the clinic I will ask you to sanitise your hands. I you are using the NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app you can also scan the QR code for the Reflexation Therapy clinic.

Inside the clinic, you may remove your mask when you are on the couch in a prone (face down) position. I will remain in my face visor and mask at all times. 

Please don’t bring any items (bags, coats etc.) that you don’t need into the clinic space. You may bring a bottle of water as for the time being I am not providing drinks, other than a limited supply of canned or bottled water for the super thirsty!

For payment, I prefer contactless methods (card or mobile) but can accept cash in an envelope.

Please be assured that (i) I will fully sanitise my hands before and after your treatment; (ii) the clinic is ventilated and all surfaces cleaned between treatments; (iii) all coverings (including clothing) are replaced or washed between every treatment.

After your appointment

If you become unwell with COVID-19-like symptoms within 14 days of visiting the clinic please let me know so that my household and I can self isolate and so that I can inform any other clients who have been in the clinic within the relevant time frame. I will also report this as appropriate on the NHS COVID19 contact tracing app. Please contact me on 07780665404 or

If I or any of my household become unwell with COVID-19-like symptoms within 14 days of seeing you I will let you know so that you and your household can self-isolate. It goes without saying (though I’ll say it anyway) that if I become unwell my therapy practice will close for a self-isolation period lasting a minimum of 14 days.

All these measures are to protect you, my other clients, myself, my family and our community. Thank you for adhering to them. As Banksy declared recently: “I get lockdown. But I get up again.”