Reflexation Therapy‘s Greenbank Clinic is located at 3A Stratton Terrace, TR11 2SY, opposite the far end of the Greenbank Hotel. It’s slightly hidden away, so here’s how to find it…

Access: Please enter by the black metal gate to Greenbank House (3 Stratton Terrace), a few doors before Symons Hill (if facing town). Go through the archway to the left of Greenbank House and follow the path until you see 3A, which is a white cottage with blue front door. Unless advised otherwise, please access the basement side door, following the slate path past kayaks etc. until you find the white door to the clinic.

Parking: Cars can be parked on the road nearby, e.g. Stratton Terrace, North Parade, Symons Hill

Note: Take care not to mistakenly go to 3 Stratton Place, a big white house with black gates opposite Greenbank Hotel reception! Stratton Terrace is a few doors away from Stratton Place, just past Symons Hill.

Lost? No problem! Call 07780 665 404 or in case of poor mobile signal, landline 01326 311 827 for help.