Hellys International Guitar Festival


Reflexation Therapy has been at Hellys festival for the last few years, offering therapy treatments to performers and festival goers

Hellys is a charming, vibrant and growing festival that it’s a joy to be a part of.

You can read my blogs about Hellys 2019 and Hellys 2018 to find out what’s been happening!

Hellys International Guitar Festival 2019

26th – 31st August 2019


Reflexation Therapy is delighted to be bringing reflexology and soft tissue therapy to musicians and festival goers at the 2019 Hellys International Guitar Festival! 

Reflexation Therapy was honoured to be there at Hellys 2018 and this year looks set to be even more extraordinary. Hellys 2019 brings leading international concert artists to Cornwall for an extravaganza of 12 evening concerts, 5 lunchtime recitals, poetry readings, workshops, free guitar lessons for all and The H-Factor, a fun performance competition for upcoming local talent. For the second year running, visitors to the festival also have the opportunity to book therapy sessions with Reflexation Therapy.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Hellys festival Reflexation Therapy is offering 30 minute and 45 minute treatments in reflexology, soft tissue therapy and massage therapy. Whether you come to Hellys to perform, listen, learn or take part in a workshop, you can also treat yourself to some mind-body relaxation, rejuvenation and relief from aches and pains.

Contact Chloë to book a specific time slot in advance (strongly advisable!) for Thu 29th, Fri 31st or Sat 31st August. Alternatively have a look at the bookings board when you arrive and see if there are any available sessions left to grab.

Below are just some of the extraordinary musicians who’ll be performing at this year’s Hellys International Guitar Festival. To view the full programme or book tickets please click here.