What is Reflexation Yoga like? Our offerings are a blend of flow yoga, slow yin style stretching and the healing stillness of restorative style yoga. Our aim is to enjoy yoga practice together and to calm the nervous system, allowing the mind and body to benefit from a sense of spaciousness and deep rest, whether through mindful movement or being guided into stillness.

Reflexation Slow Flow Yoga is an easy going, slow flowing Vinyasa style yoga that uplifts and energises. We use mindful movement with the breath to shake off stress and build a sense of grounding, strength, balance and expaaaansion. Classes often close with an element of restorative yoga, a nurturing practice that invites deep rest through stillness – aka doing nothing. All levels of fitness and flexibility (aka bendiness) are welcome to all classes. If you can breathe, you can flow with Reflexation Yoga!

Reflexation Restore & Release Yoga includes elements of breathing practices (pranayama), yin yoga style mindful stretching for the whole body, and short sequences of restorative yoga poses to help you deeply relax and restore. Mindful stretching aims to release deep tension held in our muscles and their wondrous surrounding connective tissues (fascia). This helps undo tightness and frayed nerves throughout the body’s neuro-myofascial lines, promoting better breathing, posture and energy. Restorative yoga goes even more deeply into resting and resetting the nervous system, with deeply calming benefits for mind and body.

Reflexation Yoga : Play : Pause sessions are monthly deep dives, nurturing your mind and body. We explore both movement and stillness, release and restoration.

Reflexation Yoga sessions are guided with lightness and inclusivity. We sometimes includes a small element of face yoga, which is not only great for mental uplift and self-confidence but also reconnects us with our inner and outer smile. Above all we invite healing and balance for the mind and body, focusing on creating space and freedom in the body and the mind.