What is Swedish Massage?


Swedish massage is a popular form of modern massage, based on therapeutic massage of body muscles in the direction of blood returning to the heart. A Swedish massage treatment includes long, flowing strokes (effleurage) as well as deeper strokes and firmer kneading or frictions where areas of tension are identified. Targeted stretches or myofascial release techniques (e.g. trigger point therapy) may be applied to specific muscles while percussive, rhythmic movements (e.g. hacking or tapping) may be applied to stimulate tissues.

Benefits of Swedish Massage


Swedish massage aims to induce relaxation, improve circulation and reduce tension. It can provide relief from pain, improve mobility and flexibility of body tissues and improve skin condition. Studies show that Swedish massage also reduces stress hormone production and enhances activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which stimulates repair and smooth functioning of all body systems, from digestion to immunity. Regular Swedish massage has been shown to be particularly effective in providing relief from chronic fatigue, enhancing sense of general well-being and improving mental health (reduced anxiety, depression and stress-related symptoms such as nausea and IBS).

Origins of Swedish Massage

If you’re interested in the history of healing touch and the origins of Swedish massage you can take a peek at my scrawl on the subject here:


Treatment prices and venues

For Swedish Massage prices please click here. All treatments are also available as Gift Vouchers. Reflexation Therapy accepts payments by cash, cheque, card or mobile.

Reflexation Therapy offers treatments at therapy clinics at Falmouth’s Greenbank and town centre (Arwenack Street). I can offer treatments to clients elsewhere in Cornwall or at home, under special circumstances and by special arrangement. See Locations for more details.