st_agnes“Thank you Chloë, for putting me back together again after a week of shoulder and neck pain that prevented me sleeping. The pain completely disappeared after a single session with you.”R.E., University lecturer and dancer, Falmouth

“Chloe’s massages are wonderful! She has ably worked on the various tight or sore spots in my back and neck, and I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.”              – Jeremy, Research scientist, Falmouth

“As an athlete, I have been getting massages regularly for several years so am very discerning in my therapists. Chloë has a huge amount of technical knowledge and takes care to work with you to identify what really needs treating. She has great sensitivity and used just the right pressure to relieve my tired and achey muscles. She was also able to locate and work on the (significant!) tension I tend to hold in my shoulders, which helped me relax enormously. I will definitely be going to Chloë for treatments again!” – Championship Athlete & Lawyer, London

st_agnes_carn“I saw Chloë after putting up with various ailments including sciatica and problems with my stomach, alongside some deep rooted emotional pain. Chloë really listened to the feelings I described and picked up on them during my reflexology treatment. I felt so much better after just one treatment. Incredibly relaxing but at the same time I noticed how my body responded to the treatment and the positive effects it had on my stomach pains and sciatica. I had a series of treatments and felt a real shift in my health and well being. Thank you so much Chloë for your time, understanding and healing hands.”
Jo, Teacher, Falmouth

“Following a long standing shoulder problem I visited Chloë and after a short course of treatment I’ve never felt better. A gifted practitioner.” – 
Dan, Engineer, Falmouth

protea“As a newcomer to massage and reflexology, I was impressed with the health and relaxation benefits that Chloë’s treatments provided. Chloë carefully tailored her treatments to my needs and I always left feeling free of stress and tension. I will definitely be returning. Thank you Chloë!” – Natalie, Dentist, Falmouth

“Having never tried reflexology before I decided to give it a try. The benefits and insights I received from Chloë have been amazing. I highly recommend.” – James, Truro



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