Mind and body often interact on many different levels, lifting us up or keeping us a bit stuck in one way or another. To promote rejuvenation and vitality of mind and body we offer not only Physical Therapy treatments but also a range of Yoga classes (currently on Zoom). Our Yoga classes are open to all levels and are a great opportunity to come home to yourself, no matter where you are or how you are. Get in touch to pick up your Zoom access code and join in whenever suits. No need to book!

Here is what Reflexation Yoga is offering at the moment…

Flow Yoga – Wednesdays 5.30pm (Zoom)

Flow Yoga is an easy going Vinyasa style yoga class to uplift and energise! We use mindful movement and breathing to shake off stress and build a sense of grounding, strength, balance and expaaaansion. All levels of fitness and flexibility (aka bendiness) are welcome to these classes; if you can breathe, you can do Flow Yoga!

Slow Yoga – Saturdays 5.30pm (Zoom)

Slow Yoga offers yin yoga style mindful stretching for the whole body, aiming to help you relax and restore. We aim to release deep tension held in our muscles and surrounding connective tissues (fascia), undoing tightness and frayed nerves throughout the body’s neuro-myofascial lines to promote better breathing, posture and energy. Slow Yoga class often includes an element of face yoga (great for reconnecting with your sense of humour) and closes with an element of restorative yoga, a nurturing practice that invites deep rest through stillness aka doing nothing.

Yoga with Chloë is a brilliant way to relax whilst stretching those muscles that I always seem to neglect! She makes options for all capabilities and creates a great zen environment to practice in. Thank you Chloë, I look forward to our sessions all week.

Liz, Diver, Falmouth

Price: Yoga classes cost £6, payable via PayPal, BACS or iZettle payment link (payment details on request). Gift places are always available, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please note: We have a Reflexation Yoga WhatsApp group for up to the minute updates on these classes. Let me know if you’d like to join the group! Occasionally life and Cornish technology issues mean that we start a few mins late, and (like true yogi) sometimes we take breaks!

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