New Year, Same You? New Year, Be You

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A new decade starts today. Sounds momentous but actually… it’s just another day. And yet, this first day of 2020 is still a stark moment to reflect on the last year (or ten years!) and regroup before the festive season fades and we move onwards.

circus_chloeYoga practice in the last few days has reminded me to reflect on the good stuff as well as the less good stuff from the last year, to be open to learning from both rather than ignoring one half of life. It’s tempting to focus on either the grim or the highlights but there’s a gentleness in allowing our life to be as it really is, rather than as we want it to be. Only then, perhaps, can we see clearly (2020 vision?) what would serve us best to let go of or to embrace more closely as we move into the future.

As the Reflexation Therapy tag line has it, how are you going to “Be Fit, Be Well, Be You” in the year ahead? Will you be the Same You you’ve always been, for better or for worse, or will you be… some kind of New You? There’s a balance to be found when answering this one: grounding in a sense of self-acceptance and ‘enough-ness’ whilst also honestly admitting to where you could do with a little (or a lot) of self-love, growth and change, breaking through old patterns and moving forwards with your life.

godrevy_Dec28Wherever you are at on your “Be Fit, Be Well, Be You” journey, Reflexation Therapy is here to support you. If you’ve been putting rocks on your own path and you’d like help clearing them away (and avoiding the temptation to put them back as soon as you turn the next corner), then feel free to get in touch! Whether you want to resolve physical or emotional pain or stuckness, reflexology and soft tissue therapy (with a dash of NLP coaching where appropriate) are brilliant ways to help move you towards greater fitness and wellness of mind and body.

To celebrate the new year Reflexation Therapy is offering £5 off 1 hour soft tissue therapy and reflexology treatments until the end of February 2020! Making it even easier to treat yourself to a little added fitness, wellness and you-ness. We have a range of gift vouchers as well, if a loved one would benefit from some Reflexation Therapy time too.

Happy and honoured to be here for you in the year ahead. Can’t wait to see all the unique ways you’ll find to Be Fit, Be Well and Be You!


P.S. Sorry about the ‘clear vision’ 20:20 joke. As contact lens wearer, it was unavoidable.



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